Be Prepared for the Future

How Do You Adapt to Change?

The future can be scary; it is full of uncertainties.
But the future is also exciting, because it is also full of possibilities.

But unless you plan ahead and invest in your business resilience to adapt to changes, you will be left behind.

The Future is Yet to be Written.

From designing a sustainable revenue-generation strategy for a charity to helping businesses better engage their audience, we help businesses build resilience and prepare for the future by improving business practice.

How Resilient is Your Business?

We are strategy consultants with a strong interest in futures thinking. We give you the tools and build your internal processes, so your business has the resilience and capacity to adapt to change.

Our No-Nonsese Approach

We are known for our practical and no-nonsense approach. 

When working with us, prepare to be challenged as we ask the hard questions to strengthen your competitive edge and market relevance.

How Can We Help?

From supporting small businesses to working with volume home builders, Notonos works with a wide range of clients across industries. Because adapting to the future requires a multidisciplinary approach, we have structured our services using a 3+1 approach. 

The 3 in the 3+1 approach represents Strategise, Action and Amplify. No more spending time and money on planning without seeing actual results.  

– Strategy Development –

– Operational Support – 

– Branding & Creative –

– Building Advice –

3+1, It’s an End-to-End Service.

Strategies alone won’t help. In fact, sometimes business consultants get a bad name for “all talking and no action”. Guess what, that’s not us. We strategise and we take action. The real question is, “can you keep up?”

So it’s simple. We help you develop strategies to address a particular issue. We then provide operational support to help you implement your plan. And we go one step further by putting our creative juice into good use to amplify your action (think about social media bragging, media release type of thing).  

3+1, We Bring Quality and Ethics Back to the Building Industry.

Thanks to the quality and ethics of our work, we’ve developed a good reputation in the building industry. We have been helping clients improve building practice, performance efficiency and build quality. So much so that we have a dedicated division servicing the building industry.

And that’s the story behind the +1 in our 3+1 approach.  

– Strategy Development –

The future is yet to be written. But unless you spend the time to plan ahead, you will always be one step behind.

We will work with you to understand how your business can capitalise future opportunities.

– Operational Support –

Having a plan alone doesn’t mean much. A plan without coordinated action simply is a waste of time.

We can provide operational support, bringing your plan to live.

We also provide day to day administrative support helping you stay organised and ahead of the game.

– Branding & Creative –

It’s not about how good you are. It’s about people knowing how good you are. This is why amplifying your work is important.

Yes, we do logo and yes, we web design. But we are more interested in using our creativity to tell your story in a way that connect with your audience and add value to your brand.

– Building Advice –

Are you in the building industry wanting to improve building practice and quality?

With over 20 years of construction experience, our building consultants are old school trained with modern business acumen.

From independent building inspections to diagnostic investigations to technical training, we are here to help.

Why Working With Us?

No Fluff

We don’t fluff; we don’t care much for nonsense.  We believe in doing the right thing and take great care making ethical decisions.

High Quality

Our care factor is through the roof. We seriously believe in high-quality work. “Do it once but do it right” is our philosophy.

Future Minded

We are futures thinkers. We work hard to ensure our work has longevity and helps businesses prepare for the future.

Timely Turnaround

Waiting is painful. We try our best to ensure we can deliver the outcomes to our clients in a timely manner.

Collectively with over 30 years of industry and academic experience, we know our stuff. But what sets us apart is our work ethics and creative experience

Our Notonos consultants either have mad creative skills such as graphic design or have been involved in the creative process such as product development.

Our ability to think creatively means we are exceptional problem-solver and strategist. This is how we are able to help businesses, large and small, from various sectors preparing for the future and staying market relevant.

Goodness Standard

We, at Notonos, believe in an inclusive and equitable future. Our Goodness Standard spells out our ethical beliefs and the way we work. It is corporate responsibility on steroids. To learn more, click here.

Meet Up

We are a flexible bunch.

Zoom, Skype, co-working space, that’s where you will find us. Contact us for a meeting.