Supporting C-level Executives in solving

Complex Problems

Consulting | Corporate Governance | Project Management

Nicknamed the “fixer”, we solve problems and get things done.


Extensive Industry Experience

Collectively, we bring over 30 years of experience across 13+ industries.


Tenacious Problem Solver

Top consultants are problem solvers and we are tenacious when it comes to problem-solving.


Guided with Scientific Training

Complementing our industry experience is our academic and scientific training.


Connecting the Dots

We seek to understand the nuance so we can connect the dots. In a more scientific term, we are systems thinkers.

Our Promises

No Fluff

We don’t fluff. We believe our work matters. We always strive to help our clients make the best possible decison.

High Quality

Our care factor is through the roof. We seriously believe in high-quality work. “Do it once but do it right” is our philosophy.

Future Minded

We think long-term. We work hard to ensure our clients are prepared for the future.

Timely Turnaround

Waiting is painful. We try our best to ensure we can deliver the outcomes to our clients in a timely manner.


“Project governance was communicated from onset and clear decision making framework was set. This structured approach provided the confidence in providing data and content at appropriate times and/with relevant stakeholders.”

J. H.

“Notonos were very supportive and when we need any questions answered or assistance with anything it was all taken care of accordingly. 

The information was provided to us in a very clear and concise manner.”

D. B.

“There was a significant amount of support and provided to me by the Notonos Project Manager.

I do believe that without the support provided, our project may have been untenable at times.”

E. B.

“I was kept up to date on progress at all points during the project.”

G. C.

“Can Suzi please be the project manager next year? She has been fabulous this year.”

J. L.

“Notonos’ management and expertise were great, which was evident in how well the project was run and the outcome achieved.”

R. C.

Goodness Standard

We, at Notonos, believe in an inclusive and equitable future. Our Goodness Standard spells out our ethical beliefs and the way we work. It is corporate responsibility on steroids. To learn more, click here.

Meet Up

We are a flexible bunch.

Zoom, Skype, co-working space, that’s where you will find us. Contact us for a meeting.