In today’s fast-paced environment, businesses are at risk of being drowned out by competitions. Maintaining your branding position in the market place is not an easy task. Let’s put it this way, a $100 logo from an online freelancing service simply won’t cut it.

Your Industry Authority, Your Brand

To help you create a brand that will stand the test of the time (because we are always thinking about the future), let’s work together and discover your unique story.

Because a non-disclosure agreement is often in place with our clients, we are only able to showcase some of our work in the gallery section below. We hope a selection of samples gives you an idea of our capability and our creative flair.

We help you amplify industry authority

Our branding and creative services include:

-> copywriting (blog posts, web pages and social media posts)

-> manuscript writing (books)

-> editing (books, reports, grants)

-> product translations (Chinese)

-> graphic design

-> video and animation production

-> digital photography for events and products.

Print Media

Digital Photography

Website Design

Video Production