Beauty Brand Making Impact

We have been supporting the non-profit and social enterprise sectors for a very long time. We recognise having a sustainable revenue-generating strategy has always been a challenge for many high social impact organisations. Hence the birth of Mighty Impression.

We are all about the future – an inclusive and equitable future.

Instead of constantly applying for grants or seeking donations, we have created the Doing Good campaign through our very own ethical beauty care brand Mighty Impression.

With the Doing Good campaign, non-profits and social enterprises will have access to high-quality privately formulated beauty care products without the need to invest in a laboratory. We will customise and white label our beautiful products at an affordable rate.

With Notonos Global (and Mighty Impression)’s support, non-profits and social enterprises will be able to fundraise or even build a regular revenue stream with our gorgeous beauty care products.

Meet Up

We are a flexible bunch.

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